„In meiner neuen Malerei arbeite ich mit reduzierten Bildelementen und setze architektonische Formen auf leuchtende Untergründe. Im Wechselspiel von Farbtransparenz und Farbdichte wird das Bild zur Projektionsfläche eines unendlichen Raumes.“ (Eva Castringius, 2009)
Liquid Sky
Roller coaster rides through complex visual spaces

(...) THORSTEN PLATZ Your paintings create the impression that giant florescent tubes are breaking through the visual space. Powerful perspectival elements produce an extreme sense of depth that is reinforced by the motif of landscape. Viewers find themselves at enormous heights or in great expanses, looking down into the depths from a bird’seye view with a kind of high-altitude euphoria. (...)

Point Brake

In her series of large format paintings, ‘Point Break’ Eva Castringius takes issue with the so-called Flood Control Channels near Los Angeles. These concrete channels, designed to protect the city from flooding, were the brainchild of ambitious engineers and pragmatists, who didn’t give a thought to the project’s environmental repercussions. Inspired by this dense network of concrete ‘water freeways,’ the artist combines architectonic elements with cursive backgrounds of color. (...)

In her series of drawings, ‘Suckers!,’ Eva Castringius addresses the blind faith in progress displayed by America in the 1950s. Inspired by graphics created for the era’s advertising, she projects its economic optimism onto the present day. (...)

Supera Galactica

In the ‘super galactica’ series by Eva Castringius huge areas of color vault through the imagery, creating a stark contrast to the silhouettes of the protagonists in their narratives. These figures’ visions summon paradisiacal idylls and cosmic actors. A diversity of pictorial elements interweaves various levels of meaning and temporal dimensions, whose ultimate composition is reminiscent of a dream sequence.